Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting out of a rut

A lot of things are disorienting when you are living abroad. They don't have the same soap, the same cereal, cereal at all, peanut butter. But, of course, that makes way for things that are new and yet also enjoyable. Nutella, Doners (kebab slices in a paper cone), and tasty breads of every type. New habits take over, too. Instead of driving everywhere, bikes. Instead of sandals, house schuhe and rain boots. Instead of a hectic packed day, a langsam day that begins with a bike ride to school drop off and then ends at 11:30 with riding to pick up your son, followed by a quick stop in the grocery store, a long lunch, and homeschool homework in a relaxed atmosphere. But most important of all, old rituals can be dropped. The struggle at bedtime (almost). The struggle at toothbrushing. The struggle at homework time. All these can be replaced because why not. You're out of your element. You've been knocked out of your rut. Why stick to the old routine when you have the opportunity for something neu?